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Effects Processor

The FXR is a "preset only" processor. Designed for simple plug-in-and-play operation, the user interface consists of two, continuously rotating, encoders. One chooses the "family" of presets you'd like to access, and the other chooses one of sixteen presets offered in that family. Separate Input, Output and Mix controls, and signal LED's are located on the front of the steel chassis.

The FXR offers a level of signal processing that literally used to cost thousands of dollars, or at least the cost of two signal processors. The reason for this? There are two, independent processors inside each of these products. Sound incredible? There are a total of 255 presets in the FXR. Multi-effect combinations and single effects are offered in stereo and Dual mode.

FXR presets include: (Effects)

  • Reverb (Rooms, Halls, Chambers, Plates)
  • Gated Reverb (Sloped, Reverse, Flat)
  • Chorus
  • Flange
  • Panning
  • Tremolo
  • Delay (Regenerative, Multitap, Ping Pong, Slap)

Stereo operation is what you typically find in an effects processor: A Mono or stereo input with a stereo, effected output. Dual operation involves a bit more discussion, mainly because you've probably never seen a processor with this capability. In Dual mode, the FXR takes on a whole new look. An illustration showing signal flow may clarify things.

  • Input L--->Processor A--->Output L
  • Input R--->Processor B--->Output R

As you can see, input channels are processed separately! True stereo processing! As mentioned previously, but worth repeating, processing this powerful used to mean purchasing two effects processors, or one processor that cost a few thousand dollars. A R T brings this technology to you for a bit over one hundred dollars a channel!

Here's some of what the experts have said about the FXR:
"With the multitude of presets offered, it didn't take us long to find some appropriate (reverbs). Excellent bang for the buck."
—Keyboard Magazine

"All the reverbs are useful. The dual-mono reverbs provide two distinct acoustic environments, which proved useful. There's no problem finding a delay algorithm for spatial enhancement in any situation. Whether you're a 4-track bedroom aficionado shopping for your first reverb unit, or a professional technoid in need of one last ambient slap echo, the FXR has the goods."
—Electronic Musician

"This box could be just the ticket for providing that one extra reverb sound you need to make a track really stand out without blowing your budget. I was skeptical at first, but was won over when I actually started using it. My overall impression of the FXR Elite is that it's an overachiever. If you're expecting a $300 sound, you'll be pleasantly surprised.
—EQ Magazine

"I actually expected to be impressed here because great flanging is a hallmark of A R T processors. And the user interface... this is a box you could work in a coma. The FXR really straightforward, in fact downright idiot-proof." —Home & Studio RecordingMagazine

True stereo operation makes the FXR the perfect solution for getting all those input channels independently processed in live sound applications. Replace two processors with one FXR. Save money and valuable rack space by replacing two racks with one full of FXR!

Running out of effect returns in your studio? Always in need of one extra reverb or delay unit? The FXR is a sensible option for processing multiple recording and virtual tracks.

Have you got a stereo set up in you instrument rack? Is it true stereo? With an FXR it can be. Only an FXR can provide a doubling effect in the left speaker with a reverb in the right. Let an FXR make your sound dramatic.

This is beta software, use at your own risk!
FXR - Effects Processor