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Two Channel Effects Processor

The Quadra/Fx from A R T is the world's first ULTRA-affordable twin true stereo, four channel multi-effects processor. Four discrete inputs and four discrete outputs provide you with uncompromised effects quality in literally unlimited ordering. The Quadra/Fx utilizes specialized DSP processing combined with A R T's proprietary Dynamic Engine Allocation (DEA™) software which gives you control over a multitude of brand new, stunning effects algorithms - many which have never been heard before! Without compromise. Dynamics controllers are designed into digital effects which can change the intensity of the effect depending on the level of the input signal - creating the ultimate in expression.

A R T has created the easiest to use, best sounding, compact processor on the market. Above and beyond these incredible features, the A R T Quadra/Fx is literally two stereo effects processors in one unit. The Quadra/Fx may operate in Twin Stereo (two independent stereo in/stereo out effects processors), Discrete 4 (four independent effects processing channels), Cascade (one stereo effects processor running into a second stereo effects processor), or Stereo (traditional stereo in/stereo out effects processing) DSP configurations. Combined, these engines provide nearly unlimited effect combinations. You are capable of arranging effects and multi-effects combinations in any order, and in any routing option you choose simply by taking advantage of the Quadra/Fx's full programmability. User presets may be stored to any of the unit's 100 user locations.

The Quadra/Fx is the latest digital product following in A R T's tradition of delivering innovative, cutting edge studio signal processing technology.

This is beta software, use at your own risk!
Quadra/Fx - Two Channel Effects Processor