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Cable Tester

There are several types of cables used widely in pro audio - mic cables and patch cords with 2 or 3 conductors, instrument cables with 2 conductors, basic speaker cables with 2 conductors and MIDI cables comprised of DIN5 connectors using 2 conductors.

The CableCOP features a full selection of standard pro audio connectors for testing all such cables. LEDs on the CableCOP link its various connector terminals and will only illuminate when the connected 'cable' completes a circuit. As a result you're able to tell, at a glance, which cables need to be repaired. Sometimes the problem can be the cable itself. An LED may also fail to illuminate if a 3-conductor cable has been wired out-of-phase. As an example, if the Tip of one 1/4" TRS plug on a (balanced) patch cable were soldered to the same cable conductor as the Ring or Sleeve of the other 1/4" inch TRS plug.

Please click here for a .pdf version of the spec sheet.

Power Requirements 9V Battery (included)
Dimensions 3.75x2.5x1.5 inches (90mm x 63mm x 40mm)
Weight 1lb (454g)
This is beta software, use at your own risk!
CableCOP - Cable Tester