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Professional Power Regulator

The PR8 PRO regulates incoming AC line voltages to deliver clean and stable power to your system for optimum operation and longer life. Output voltage at any of the 8 rear AC outlets is maintained within 5 Volts of 117 Volts even as the incoming AC line varies from 97 to 137 Volts. Extreme voltage shutdown protection, Advanced Power Filtering, and fast acting breaker, protect your system while the front panel LCD display gives you a constant read of the input and output line voltages. The PR8 PRO is designed to protect a wide range of equipment from sensitive vintage tube amplifiers to large displays or digital systems. Your equipment will sound and work better and live longer.

  • Maintains 117VAC (+/-5VAC) when AC input is between 97 and 137VAC
  • Output In Regulation LED indication
  • Extreme voltage shutdown if input >140V or <80V
  • LCD AC line input and output voltage display
  • Front panel unswitched and unregulated output
  • 1800 Watt total power capacity
  • Front panel master breaker and power switch
  • EMI and RFI filtering
  • Surge and Spike Protection
  • Very low stray magnetic field leakage
  • Multitap toroidal autoformer design
  • Maintains 117VAC Output When Input Varies 97 to 137VAC
  • Shuts Down if Voltage Goes Beyond <80V or > 140V
  • Low Magnetic Field Leakage
  • Advanced Surge & Spike Protection
Ammeter Metering LCD Display (AC Line Voltage, Current)
Circuit Breaker 15 Amp; Front Mounted
Construction All-Steel Chassis
Filtering EMI & RFI
Light Pipes N/A
Power Capacity 1800 W
Power Outlets Eight Rear Outlets, 1 Front Outlet
Power Switch Front Panel
Dimensions 11.5"D x 19"D x 1.75"D (292mm x 482mm x 165mm)
Weight 9.7 lbs (4.4 kg)
This is beta software, use at your own risk!
PR8 PRO - Professional Power Regulator
PR8 PRO - Professional Power Regulator
PR8 PRO - Professional Power Regulator
PR8 PRO - Professional Power Regulator