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DST-830 – Guitar Amplifier


The search for the ultimate working guitarist’s amp ends here. With immense tone, painless portability and total flexibility, the ART DST-830 Rules Breaker programmable guitar amp is the answer for gigging musicians everywhere. This Rules Breaker’s open-back, custom Eminence 2 x 12″ design produces tone that’ll keep the crowds in front of the stage. Gone are the fights with endless nests of cable and refrigerator-sized racks. The DST-830’s programmable, MIDI-accessible personality gives you the sound you want with just the right amount of guitar-specific effects. Exactly what you need… night after night.

When it comes to tone, ART’s DST-830 Rules Breaker, will blow you away! Full-bodied sound – that won’t wash out on stage – will let your audience know you mean business. Just imagine an amp that offers tone and versatility coupled with an advanced power amp delivering 65 watts RMS per channel into a stereo, open-back cabinet. The advantage of the DST-830’s design is the versatility it offers – five discrete tube preamps, on-board digital effects, and a power amp designed by amp guru Dan Pearce.

The DST-830 Rules Breaker redefines open-back amps. The preamp section is fully programmable. Choose one of five preamp types; XTREME, ROAR, STACK, CLEAN TUBE and CRYSTAL, dial in any EQ setting (with sweepable mids) and combine this tone with any of 25 digital algorithms. Press the ‘save’ button and your custom settings are saved! All knobs are interactive, and modifications can be made on-the-fly without having to access menus or multiple screens. The digital effects include the most widely used effect configurations like reverb, delay, chorus, flange, tremolo and allow you to adjust parameters and save the settings to any of 75 memory locations.

Used with the optional X-15 or X-12 controller pedals, you can take advantage of the DST-830’s full, real-time MIDI implementation. This allows you to change parameters, presets and tone on-the-fly, hands free. ART’s exclusive Send & Remember programming demystifies MIDI programming. Nowhere can you get such versatility, power and tone from an open-back combo than from the ART DST-830 Rules Breaker.