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Dual Tube EQ – Two Channel, Tube EQ


The Dual Tube EQ from A R T is the world’s first affordable two channel tube-based parametric equalizer. Each channel features a four band precision frequency network designed to give you the ultimate in control over musical instruments and vocals. Following our award-winning tradition of manufacturing world-class tube processing equipment, A R T offers introduces what might be the most musical and flexible EQ you’ve ever heard – the Dual Tube EQ.

Whether you are an experienced recording engineer, live sound technician, or home enthusiast, you know the limitations of the EQ found on most affordable mixers. You also know that you need at least one or two channels of high-quality studio equalization to fine-tune that mix – or completely reconstruct that lifeless kick drum. The Dual Tube EQ is your answer in either situation. Its unique cascade feature even configures the Dual Tube EQ as a single channel eight-band parametric!

The keys to the Dual Tube EQ’s exceptional sound are: frequency selection, wide bandwidth, and the hand-selected 12ax7 vacuum tubes. The low and high shelving filters are tuned to add low end wallop and delicate “air”. The two mid frequency bands sweep from 20Hz to 20KHz and overlap between 200Hz and 2KHz. This allows for tremendous flexibility. The bandwidth (or “Q”) is intentionally wide to provide a musical (not nasal) quality when cutting or boosting. To quote one notable user, “The way it sucks frequencies is spectacular!”. The vacuum tubes, used for gain, provide a unique smoothing effect when driven with the separate input and output level controls.

Whether you like using gentle or radical EQ, the Dual Tube EQ will exceed your expectations.