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FXR Elite II – Dual Effects Processor


The FXR Elite II offers a level of signal processing that literally used to cost thousands of dollars, or at least the cost of two signal processors. The reason for this? There are two, independent processors inside the FXR Elite II. Based on the incredible success of the original FXR Elite, the Elite II offers a new interface and chassis design which provides the best of the Elite design with the sleek new look and intuitive interface design of the new ART. Dual Processing for the Real World.

Out of the box, the FXR Elite II possesses plug-in-and-play simplicity. The FXR Elite was the first processor on the market to offer true stereo processing at an unbelievable price. The Elite II is still the only processor of its kind to offer programmability and MIDI! Another ART advantage!

Presets are recalled via a rotary encoder. Each of the 255 presets contain parameters that are variable and storable. Need a longer delay time in a preset? Simply turn the Parameter encoder to the desired delay length. Is the reverb a bit too bright or dark? Turn the Encoder until you achieve the desired brightness. Parameters available for editing are represented by lit parameter LED’s. When editing a parameter, the Elite’s numeric display changes from showing the Preset number to showing the Value of the parameter being adjusted. Want to store the changes? Press Store and the Elite II stores the preset with your changes.

Following ART’s commitment to giving you the abso lute best technology has to offer, the Elite II offers MIDI mapping and Real-Time control. ART has incorporated the MMA’s (MIDI Manufacturers Association) Bank Select Protocol into the Elite II to directly access all 255 presets. ART’s X-15 and X-12 controllers employ this protocol.