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HotPak – Tube MP w/ APEX 430 Microphone


The HotPak package can significantly improve your recordings. The HotPak starts with the ART Tube MP Microphone Preamplifier, which has become a project studio staple due to its great sound and value. The award-winning design of the Tube MP allows for professional recording studio results at a fraction of the cost of conventional microphone preamps.

The HotPak then includes an APEX 430 Condenser Microphone and every accessory needed to make quality recordings with professional results. The Apex 430 is an outstanding choice for the main microphone for any professional or project studio, home studio, or any computer based recording systems.

Due to it’s rugged construction, high SPL handling and affordable price, the Apex 430 is an outstanding choice for live sound reinforcement or live recording. It performs well as an overhead mic for drum kits, for guitar or bass cabinets where superior sound quality and high sound pressure handling is required, or as the mic of choice for saxophones, flutes, acoustic guitars or acoustic bass where subtlety and clarity is paramount.

A cardioid polar pattern, available on the Apex 430 is the standard setting for almost all applications. This will give you the best results on most voice and a wide range of instruments. It offers full frequency response off of the front of the microphone, the advantage of proximity effect (increased low frequency response when microphone is placed close to sound source) and excellent noise rejection from the sides and back, or 180 degree position of the microphone. Also included in the Hot Pak is suspension mount hardware for the Apex Microphone, a pop filter, a custom stand mount for the Apex Microphone, and an Apex Microphone Carrying Bag.