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Tube EQ – Tube Equalizer


The Tube EQ from A R T is the world’s most affordable tube-based parametric equalizer. The four-band Tube EQ is a precision frequency network designed to give you ultimate control over musical instruments and vocals like you’ve never heard before. Following our tradition of manufacturing world-class tube processing equipment, A R T completes the chain with an incredibly versatile and musical equalizer – the Tube EQ.

Like its predecessors – the Tube MP and Tube Compressor – the Tube EQ provides you with stunning musical results at a truly remarkable price. Whether you’re an experienced recording engineer, live sound technician, or home amateur, you need at least one channel of high-quality studio equalization. Unfortunately, the EQ stages in affordable mixers simply cannot deliver the superior sound and flexibility offered by the Tube EQ.

When applying “radical” EQ, the Tube EQ’s on-board tube actually improves the sound by gently smoothing frequency peaks. The frequency bands of the Tube EQ overlap and the two mid-bands sweep from 20Hz to 20kHz, meaning that any trouble spot may be addressed without leaving a “hole” in the audio spectrum.