ART Unveiling New 500 Series Opto-Compressor Module at 2015 Winter NAMM

January 2015

Applied Research & Technology (ART) introduces a high performance 500 Series module while smashing the performance / price barrier for pro grade studio tools.


Based on the ultra popular ART ProVLA VCA-less Vactrol Opto-Compressor design, the VLA-500 delivers essentially the same tone, quality and function as its rackmount predecessor in the ultra convenient 500 Series form factor.

To maximize versatility and capability, the VLA-500 offers three discrete user selectable tone shaping circuits. The ultra clean Op amp signal path, a much warmer FET circuit ideal for vocal tracking and mixing, and an even a simple one button “Grit” switch more aggressive tone. Tone shaping circuits can be used in combination with each other to create an even wider tonal palette.

The VLA500 is stereo and multi channel linkable, and is slated to begin shipping in the first quarter of 2015.

ART 500 Series VLA-500 Compressor US MAP $199.00

  • 500 Series Form Factor Compressor Module
  • Based on Popular PRO-VLA Technology
  • VCA-less Vactrol Opto-Compressor Design
  • Two Additional Selectable Solid State Tone Shaping Circuits
    (‘Punch’ & ‘Grit’)
  • Variable Threshold, Ratio and Output Controls
  • Stereo / Multi-Channel Linkable
  • LED Metering

Press Contact:
James Greenspan
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