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DST-825 – Guitar Amplifier


ART’s DST-825 Rules Breaker Programmable Guitar Amplifier combines the incredible power, sound and versatility of the DST Eighty/Eighty Powered Processor with an all wood, classic designed cabinet. A stunning 65 watt stereo power amplifier, designed by Dan Pearce drives two Celestion 12″ speakers for the ultimate in stereo separation from a closed back combo amplifier. When it comes to tone, A R T’s DST-825 is a monster. Full-bodied sound that won’t wash out on stage will let your audience know you mean business. Just imagine a combo amp that does everything you want it to: tone, versatility and ease of use coupled with an advanced power amp design, offering 65 watts RMS per channel in a stereo combo. The advantage of this design is having the versatility of a tube preamp with digital effects combined with an on-board power amp specifically designed for the guitarist. Custom designed presets emulate all the sounds from the vintage combos of the 70’s, 80’s and the classic sounds of the 90’s.

The DST-825 redefines combo amps and guitar signal processing. The preamp section is fully programmable. All control knobs are digitized, including the EQ! Choose one of four distortion types (including the renowned XTREME distortion and new 12AX7 tube overdrive), dial in any EQ setting (with sweepable mids) and combine the preamp type with any of 25 digital algorithms. Press the ‘save’ button and your custom settings are saved! The control knobs (NOT encoders!) are interactive, and modifications can be made on-the-fly without having to access menus or multiple screens. The digital effects include the most widely used effect configurations and allow you to tweak parameters and save the settings with any distortion type to any of 75 user presets.

Full, real-time MIDI implementation allows you to change parameters, presets and tone on-the-fly, hands free when connected to a MIDI controller pedal, such as the A R T X-15. Nowhere can you get such versatility, power and tone from a combo than from the A R T DST-825.