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PD-3 1000 – Multi-Tapped Digital Delay


The PD-3 is a high performance multi-tapped digital delay system. Designed primarily for time synchronization in multiple sound distribution systems, the PD3’s versatility offers a significant performance improvement in sound reinforcement, recording studio, television engineering, post production, and loudspeaker time alignment applications.

In developing the PD-3 we applied our expertise in analog and digital signal processing design to create a digital delay with very high performance and versatility. Realizing the application, we paid close attention to reliability, ease of use and flexibility of installation.

The PD-3 is a 1 input, 3 output delay. Each output is individually adjustable in precise 1 millisecond increments to a maximum of 255 milliseconds via front panel DIP switches. Via an internal switch, the PD-3 can be set to short delay mode. In short delay mode, the PD-3 allows for delay increments of 31 microseconds to a maximum of 8 milliseconds. Short mode is primarily useful for loudspeaker time alignment. The application will dictate the mode to use. Recessed front panel level controls for input and eac h output, as well as 4 LED indicators, accommodate a wide range of operating levels. All input and outputs are actively balanced assuring hum and noise free interfacing with other equipment. Connections are accomplished via both barrier strip and 1/4″ Tip/Ring/Sleeve phone jacks on the rear panel.

Internally the PD-3 uses a 16 bit linear D/A converter that meets the most stringent of audio performance demands. The audio signal is sampled at a 64kHz rate, allowing for a full 20kHz bandwidth while using maximally flat Butterworth filter alignments. A crystal controlled timebase assures delay accuracy and long term stability.

The PD-3 1000 offers the same operating characteristics and quality of the PD-3. Differences in operation are in delay time and delay settings only. Maximum delay time of the PD-3 1000 is one thousand milliseconds (1000ms). Delay increments are in 4ms or 125 microseconds.

The PD-3 and PD-3 1000 are designed for continuous, unattended use. Its steel enclosure conforms to the EIA standard 19″ 1U rack mounting requirements, and a tamper proof security cover is provided. It generates very little heat (v 10W) and is very forgiving of its environment. Signal and chassis grounds are isolated to help minimize system ground loops. Only quality components are used for reliable long-term service.