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PowerMIX I – Four Channel Personal Mixer


There are occasions when a number of mono sources or a stereo source and/or instruments need to be mixed down into a mono signal. This might be a matter of inserting one or two keyboards plus a stereo tape or CD track into one mixer channel for PA or recording purposes or simply into an instrument amp or powered speaker. There can also be the need to mix the line outputs of two or more instrument amps into one mixer channel. Up to 4 high impedance mics can be mixed this way. (ie: Karaoke applications.) High impedance mics and electric instruments can be mixed this way for small band rehersals. Two high-impedance mics and a stereo CD or tape can be mixed down. And if the mixer is passive, no AC power source is required.


Input Impedance 47k Ω
Output Impedance 12k Ω
Power Passive
Dimensions 3.75×2.75×1.5 inches (90mm x 70mm x 40mm)
Weight 0.7 lbs (317g)