Pre Amps / Dynamic Processors



Combining the best of both worlds, the Solo Studio Multi-Voice Channel Strip allows users to choose between a pristine low-noise/low-distortion solid state transistor circuit and a warmer Class-A tube mic preamp. Along with the flexible Tilt EQ control, users can voice the Solo Studio to create their own signature sound. 

Featuring 48V phantom power, a front Microphone/Line balanced input or a high impedance Instrument input, users can tailor the Solo Studio to suit any sound source. A Low-Cut control allows vocals to be sculpted for clarity while the Tilt EQ can be used to emphasize high presence or low-end warmth.

The Solo Series of single channel rackmount units have been developed for the recording enthusiast with a preference for simplicity.

Key Features


Frequency Response  15 Hz to 50 kHz (+0, -1dB)
Dynamic range >110dB (“A” weighted)
CMRR >90dB
THD <0.005% (typical)
Equivalent Input Noise  -129dBu (XLR, “A” weighted)
Maximum Input Level  +19dBu (XLR) 
Maximum Instrument Input +17dBu
Input Impedance 47k ohms (XLR), 

>800k ohms (Instrument) 

Maximum Output Level)  +27dBu (XLR
Output Impedance  < 47 ohms (XLR)
Maximum Gain  55dBMeter
Attack Time  0.25msec. to 50msec. variable
Release Time 150msec. to 3sec. variable
CMRR  >90dB THD <0.005% (typical
Calibration 0VU = +4dBu output (+4dBu mode) 

0VU = -10dBV output (-10dBV mode)

Low Cut Filter  single pole, 80Hz
Tilt EQ +/- 3dB adjustable
Power Requirements  100-240V 50Hz/60Hz
Dimensions:  (HxWxD) 

1.75-inch x 19-inch x 6.0-inch 

4.45 cm x 48.3 cm x 15.2 cm

Weight  5.6 lb / 2.5kg
Box Dimensions  (HxWxD, inches)

5” x 20.4” x 7.44”

12.6 cm x 51.8 cm x 18.9 cm

Note: 0 dBu = 0.775Vrms