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The Xtreme Plus – Guitar Effects Pedal


The Xtreme Plus from ART represents a monstrous leap in guitar foot pedal technology. We’ve taken the XTREME past its red-zone by giving it a brain and adding three, new all-analog preamp types! The digital effects section is programmable, with every effect containing an adjustable parameter. To compliment the renowned XTREME distortion, ART has added Roar, Stack and Crystal to the preamp types. New digital effects include tremolo and panning. We’ve also updated our reverb and chorus algorithms as-well-as adding new effects combinations. With the Xtreme Plus, you can combine any effects combination with any of the four preamp types, totalling over 400 sonic possibilities! Any of these combinations may be saved to any of 100 preset locations.

Rugged rubber up and down preset selectors and an all-steel chassis make the Xtreme Plus one of the most durable stompboxes ever. The outputs may be used either for stereo or mono applications and a headphone jack provides you easy practice capability. All functions are indicated with an LED and the dual seven segment display lets you know preset and programming information. Programming is a snap! Just turn the Edit/Value control to the sound you want and press the save button. The three band EQ with a sweepable mid allows you to boost vital frequencies or suck them out. Other controls allow you to change the drive of the preamp, blend of the preamp and digital section.