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Tube Channel – Tube Mic Preamp/Compressor/EQ


The Tube Channel is a single-space, tube recording channel featuring individual circuits which include a tube mic preamp, an optical compressor, and a four-band, tube-based parametric EQ. The Tube Channel follows the strong ART tradition of exceptional quality tube-based products. With the Tube Channel, ART has created a world-class dynamics processing channel designed to accommodate any microphone or instrument going to any digital or analog recording device.

The award-winning, tube-based preamp features over 60dB of gain, +48v phantom power, and a 20dB pad. Independent input and output gain controls are provided. Visual feedback for the amount of tube drive is available via a unique tube character LED array. The optical compressor design is related to ART’s critically-acclaimed Pro VLA. The optical compressor features compression and limiting settings, selectable release times, adjustable threshold, and output level controls. Gain reduction is displayed via a four-segment LED array. The four-band parametric EQ section provides selectable high and low shelving filters with two mid-bands which sweep from 20Hz to 20kHz. The mid-bands overlap from 200Hz to 2kHz for the ultimate in flexibility.

Insert points are available between each of the three processing sections. These inserts provide direct outputs from the preamp and the compressor for signal routing flexibility. Additionally, these inserts allow each processing section to be isolated for independent usage or to change the order of the processing sections (eg. you can place the EQ before the compressor).

Whatever your recording set-up, the Tube Channel will improve the quality of your recorded tracks. Pick up a Tube Channel at your favorite ART dealer today and experience what a professional tube signal chain can bring to your recordings.

Key Features


Total Harmonic Distortion <0.1%
CMMR 90dB (typical)
Compression Ratio 2.3:1 (comp) 6:1 (lim)
Dynamic Range > 90dB (no weighting)
EQ Frequency Bands Low Shelf: 40Hz/120Hz (Selectable) Low-Mid: 20Hz to 200Hz/200Hz to 2KHz (Sweepable) High-Mid: 200Hz to 2KHz/2KHz to 20KHz (Sweepable) High Shelf: 6KHz/18KHz (Selectable)
Equivalent Input Noise -129dBu (XLR to XLR, ‘A’ weighted)
Gain/Frequency Band ±12dB
Input Impedance 1.67k Ω (XLR), 1M Ω (1/4″)
Maximum Gain 63dB (1/4″ to 1/4″)
Maximum Gain XLR to XLR 81dB
Maximum Input Level +15dBu (XLR), +21dBu (1/4″)
Maximum Output Level +27dBu (XLR), +22dBu (1/4″)
Output Impedance 600 Ω (XLR), 300 Ω (1/4″)
Phantom Power +48V DC (switchable)
Power Requirements 100-125 VAC, 25W Export units configured for country of destination
Attack Time 6.5ms
Release Time 200ms (fast), 70ms-1sec (auto)
Tube Type Two hand-selected 12AX7a
Dimensions 5.25″D x 19″W x 1.75″H
Weight 8.0 lbs